Corporate Services

Corporate healthcare and wellbeing programmes- creating a culture of wellbeing at your workplace!

Injury, illness and sickness in the workplace account for millions of lost days each year. With work now also a home activity, our work: rest life is blurred. This results in stress, aches & pains and reduced performance.

Helping businesses create a happy workplace

Therapyworks provides workplace healthcare to businesses who understand that to get performance they need to look after their staff. A Healthy workforce is a Happy workplace!

So if you’re struggling, or your staff are and you want to reduce sickness absence and create a culture of wellbeing and support within the company then get in touch.


Benefits Include:

Reduced health absence

Meet legislation through DSE

Improve Productivity

Improved staff engagement

Help solve problems

Happy, healthy and productive staff

Why Choose Therapyworks?

Like your business, we never stand still – and have for over 25 years provided solutions to fit. Wether you need workplace assessments, postural & ergonomic advice, stress management advice, physiotherapy, training and massage services, you’ve found the right place.

Therapyworks has the experience, knowledge and ability to help transform your staff to help you meet your goals.

Our team of fully qualified, experienced Physiotherapists provide a range of on-site services or remote services.

We empower staff to make better health decisions and provide the knowledge they need to actively improve their wellbeing at work.

We’re here to take the stress away from you and your company.