Sports Medicine

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Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of injuries related to physical activity and sports. We aim to combine the latest orthopaedic, physical therapy, nutrition, and exercise science in order to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and reach your performance goals.

We have the experience to help you get to your best and having provided Performance sports medicine services to many elite and international teams & athletes, we help find a customised solution for you.

These Include:

Sport  & Individual Specific Mobility Plan

Sport & Individually Designed Strength Plan

Individual Performance Posture

Plan Targeted Balance, Control & Agility Plan

Individual Nutritional Plan

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Benefits Include:

Increased Strength & Resilience Improved Power

Increased Mobility Improved Flexibility

Increased Control Improved Posture

Why Choose Therapyworks?

Thousands of clients are now back doing the things they love thanks to Therapyworks. We guarantee finding the cause of your problem with our "3D approach" and not just treating your symptoms, or we'll refund your fee. We have specialist therapists, using the latest diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation approaches, dedicated to giving you a customised solution to help you look, move & feel better and get back to living your best life.

Specialist therapy using the latest approaches.

Our team of fully qualified, experienced Sport Physiotherapists.

We create customised solutions based on your Sport performance needs.

We’re here to help you look, move and feel better so that you can live your best life.


Complete Concussion Management

We're glad to announce we're Wales' First Complete Concussion Management Service. Specialists can help you get back to sport or activity after a concussion.

Tendon Management Clinics

Tendon Injuries can be very tricky to manage. We have great experience in Returning athletes with use of Shockwave Therapy and a load managed plan.

Infrared Thermograhy

Infra-red Screening with specialised Cameras and software to ensure a correct diagnosis and your healing is monitored during recovery and rehabilitation.

Running Analysis

Fed-up of those niggling running injuries? We're glad to announce the launch of our running analysis and rehab service. With the latest technology we will make sure you're back on track as smoothly as possible.